Pixle Rocks



Design for

We’ll adapt and build to your specs. Need eye catching media for your audience on socials? Not a problem. Want something longer and more engaging to tell a story? Can do. Whatever output you’re looking to achieve we’ll work with you to build it into something that hits the mark perfectly. And if you’re not sure, we’ll help you decide, our specialists can design a strategy that works.


The best stories aren’t always the easiest, if they were everyone would be telling them. We’ll go above and beyond (literally) to deliver the content you need from the farthest reaches and the most difficult environments because that’s who we are.

What we do

We’ll take care of everything, development to delivery. Starting off we’ll work with you to establish exactly what kind of film you wan to run with. Documentary/long-form, short series, broadcast, cinematic reel. This is the first exciting part! Then after figuring out a brief with you with exactly what you want, we'll throw some ideas into the mix and create a story.
We’ll get this to a pre-production stage ready to get the wheels rolling and take care of everything to get filming underway. Crew, specialists, equipment, we’ll spec everything to your film, no repeat formula’s for our clients.
We'll then head through the production process, delivering regular updates and breakdowns of how it’s all going (if you’re not with us) and finish up with post production back at our edit suite. This is where the crafting comes in, getting the ideal tone, style and messaging exactly where you want it and prepping it all for delivery to you and then on to your audience!
Whether it’s a product shoot a person(s) portfolio, catalogue and social feed or journalistic photography. We can deliver a digital portfolio that consists of the ideal images for your exact purpose. Our dedicated photography specialist will not only capture and edit stylised images for your needs, but also a healthy amount of BTS and production stills for both of us to cross reference each other on social media about our project.
Branding is all about identity, who you are and what you communicate decides how your customers see you. That’s why our branding awareness is something we take very seriously. It’s important for us to understand you, so that we can help capture your quality, message and your style in the best way possible to do your produce or business justice. Whether for television broadcast branding or online you can trust us to deliver.
Marketing can be tricky, you need someone that understands the landscape and how to deliver within it. We can help build you content that not only captures the message you want to convey, but also deliver it in a way that ensures interaction. If it’s going to turn heads then it needs to look good and we can take care of that. If you’re a business, organisation, product or any one of a wide variety of people who need marketing we can help you out.
This is a wild west of content and you need to stand out. Sometimes it’s all in the style. We can work with you to figure out a strategy of content that’s going to break through the noise and get to your core audience and clientele. Whether it’s a single piece, or a portfolio consisting of a range of materials, we can plan and deliver something specialised to you, so you can make an impact.